Monday, February 8, 2016

REVIEW || ImagineFX | Issue 131 - February 2016

ART "Man's Road" by Alyssa Winans
"Man's Road" by Alyssa Winans

My first time thumbing through ImagineFX Issue 131, I was excited to discover Amit Dutta's work (p. 12) in the FXpose section!  I have been following Amit for a little over a year on Deviant Art, and was shocked at the time to learned he was only just launching his art career!  It's a huge encouragement and inspiration to see the now three year into it artist have a prominent feature in ImagineFX!  (Hope that will be me someday soon!  That is once I get my new portfolio going.)  You can also find Amit on Deviant Art and Facebook.  I also enjoyed seeing the highly stylized illustrative work of Alyssa Winans (p. 8) featured in FXpose as well.

Reading the letters to the editor section (p. 30), I am super excited to know that IFX plans to have an issue on career advice and best schools to attend in the future.  It will be nice to have a comprehensive source to refer to, can't wait for that issue!  In the Workshops section, I highly enjoyed reading about tips and tricks for card art with Laura Sava (p. 78): especially the tips on composition, detailing on metal and painting skin.

Short review today, again since I am primarily a stay at home mom, I'm only picking out the most relevant or visually interesting articles.

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