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REVIEW || ImagineFX | Issue 129 - Christmas 2015

Art for graphic novel, Toraidhe, by Aaron McBride
Art for graphic novel, Toraidhe, by Aaron McBride

ImagineFX Issue 129 had quite a few articles that I was drawn too and left me with some great advice, ideas and inspiration. In the article, "Become A Pro in 10,000 Hours," (pp. 20-23) I enjoyed reading comments on the 10,000 hour theory from various artists. Daniel Tyka described the sacrifice it takes to put in that much time into growing as an artist and how it can aversely affect everything from relationships and social life to your body. He also said that the theory works, but it must have structure and time management, starting with the basics before jumping into something that might overwhelm you.

Character artist Jose Alves recommended a strict regiment of drawing a couple hours every day on paper. You have to learn to accept mistakes because there is no ctrl+z option so you become bolder and embrace risks. Starting a habit takes motivation, but the good news he says is that after a while it becomes so routine that you start to crave it. One thing he warns about is to always be a student desiring to learn more, because "...[once] you feel your an expert your progress will stop." Fine artist Rebecca Guay says " need to be fully present and focused, not just mindlessly drawing away in your sketchbook," and that you must constantly be looking for what needs improvement, otherwise 10,000 hours will mean nothing. Tom recommends choosing the most relevant topics to work from and break them down into and manageable categories, he also recommends getting up early to get a head start on learning while fresh. Winona Nelson said that you have to invest in down time to stay sane, refresh the body, and oil creative gears.

In this months Artist in Residence (pp. 24-25), Darren Yeow confesses that other than sketching on paper he only uses digital mediums to keep his space cleaner. He keeps reference books and inspiration handy on a bookshelf; since he didn't go to art school he says they represent his education. Being a mom, I LOVE that he includes in his studio a jar of nature objects his toddler gifted to him as well as a photo of his pregnant wife, "to remind [him] of what's important." I applaud him so much, since from history I have read many unfortunate biographies of famous artists where being a talented artist and a family man don't always go hand in hand.

Enjoyed the interview with Aaron McBride (40), especially hearing about how even he, a famous artist, has a star struck reaction when meeting another famous artist he admires (specifically Raphael Lacoste) for the first time.  I also LOVED seeing the preliminary illustrations for a personal project, a graphic novel, Toraidhe.  which I am interested in learning more about.  Aaron shared a great art tip too: put details only where the audience will be looking, be your own editor.

Lastly I enjoyed learning how to create a production painting of a Star Wars inspired scene with Feng Zhu (p. 83).  Some tips gleaned were starting off with a short description from a script and then answering "The Five W's" (who, what, when, where, and why,") imagining yourself inside the picture itself to identify areas of interest that require the most detail, and tips on understanding how reflections work on different surfaces.

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