Tuesday, March 31, 2015

REVIEW || Imagine FX | Issue 119 - March 2015

Nautilus by Stephen Martiniere || Featured in Imagine FX Issue 119 | Review
Nautilus by Stephan Martiniere

Issue 119 of Imagine FX Magazine was a heavy issue chalk full of content, and it was well worth the read!  The FX Pose section (pp. 8-19) is a wonderful way to get a glimpse of what other readers are doing in the field, and a wonderful way to discover new artists!  Along those same lines, the plug for website, Every Day Original (p.25), showcased a unique way to add new original art to you home as new originals are posted daily.

For those looking to hone their craft, Imagine FX brought  IMCSmArt School to the table (p 29). IMC is so popular classes sell out almost immediately and it's sister program, SmArt School, offers a unique and drool worthy twelve week course with a variety of teachers.  Letters to the editor section (p. 30) made me so proud with a letter requesting an article on how to prevent art career related injuries (wrist and back pain), and Claire Howlett agreed that it would be a wonderful idea to include that topic - can't wait to read the article!

I read every single tutorial in the magazine and each one had it's own unique tips and advice to bring to the table, I highly recommend reading them all to pick up a variety of useful tools!  Especially enjoyed the two lighting Q&As with Donglu Yu and Bram Sels (p. 34 & 35), as well as Paul Canavan's Q&A (p. 38) and useful tip on how to transform words (p. 39).  All the tutorials have me thinking I need to do some research on how to create overlays, use layer masking, and how to create and navigate the brush section in Photoshop - the last of which I have a head start on, with awesome tips for creating and using custom brushes with artist Remko Troost (pp. 84-87)).  Later on, the Workshop by Long Pham on how to concept and paint a space ship blew me away with the level of detail and exciting prospect that I too might be able to paint a killer space craft!!!

Reading about ImagineFX Legend, Stephan Martiniere, and his various career changes was inspiring! My favorite images of the work featured was a painted ode to "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea," (shown above) and book cover for Michael R. Underwood's "Shield and Crocus."

MPC's Studio Profile was epic and enlightening; showcasing behind the scenes and work from films like Maleficent, and Guardians of the Galaxy as well as showcasing development for the Greek god Kronos and monster Godzilla.  The Sketchbook section featured artist, Tera Fernon, and her wonderfully imaginative and well rendered sketches that included the use of halos reminiscent of Alphonse Mucha.

The Reviews section had my ears perked with a glowing review of Procreate Pocket, and had me sold on books "Art of Assassin's Creed Unity" as well as "Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 6."

Finally in the Traditional art section (p. 104-105), loved reading about Denver Illustration Salon (which nods to 16th c. Italian intellectual gatherings) as well as was delighted to get another a look inside James Gurney's maquette process (pp. 106-107).

As I said at the start, a completely full and enlightening issue!

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Color & Light Progress Weeks 2 & 3

WIP Lighting a Scene from Puss in Boots

"Sleeping Budgie" WIP Digital Painting Re-Design

Just a couple WIPs for your Thursday!

I've had quite a time keeping up with my class after chasing a 9 month old around the house all day long.  I am playing catch-up this week, it's so easy to get behind!  Definitely glad I signed up for the self taught class, it's a lot less pressure, especially being a new mom and all.  Though I do have a few questions I wish I could ask Nathan.  Quite a challenge keeping up, but I've got lots of enthusiasm and things are going great so far!  Just wanted to share my progress to date.  These are thumbnail color rough images I painted in Photoshop.  Practice lighting a scene (character is Puss in Boots) with two different light sources (top), and analogous blue-green color scheme re-working an old painting, Sleeping Budgie, I did a while back (bottom).  The light sources in the Budgie piece are supposed to be headlights (behind the bird), and moon light.  

Happy with the progress, at first I was starring at the blank canvas not knowing what to do at all, but then things started to flow.  Can't say enough about that class, seriously BEST CLASS EVER!!!

If you looking into taking the class but are on the fence, don't hesitate, dive in!

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