Friday, February 5, 2016

REVIEW || ImagineFX | Issue 128 - December 2016

Spark by Anna Steinbauer
Spark by Anna Steinbauer

In Imagine FX Issue 128 I only read the two most visually appealing articles to save on time.  I enjoyed the in depth tutorial by Anna Steinbauer (p. 66) on painting a female knight and witch in the woods based on a film she enjoyed as a child, Fantaghiro.  There were so many wonderful tips on painting process I will have to go back to re-read and try out later.  Loved her pro secret (one I must implement it into my own workflow) to make a list of all the finishing steps and details to complete a painting so you can be more efficient and know what's ahead.  Also Anna recommended taking eye brakes or lowering the brightness of the screen to minimize the harm stairing at a bright computer screen can cause.  Lastly, the shortcuts and three resource brushes were great tips/additions!

I also enjoyed the quick tutorial on designing a game environment for Assassins Creed Syndicate by Tony Zhou Shou (p. 72).  I liked getting a look into the environment design process, where the main idea was to establish the mood/atmosphere and reinforce art direction.  The romantic moonlighting and backlight character were striking and a refreshing use of lighting.  He had many great tips I will have to go back and review, one of which was easily checking values by using a black layer set to saturation mode.  The downloadable smoke/fog brush looks like it would be an awesome tool.

Lots of great comic art, resources, and articles too for those who are wondering, but it's not really my thing.  I tend to gravitate more towards dramatic paintings.

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