Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Interview With The Masters: Naveen Selvanathan - Interview Notes

Interview Notes

- If I don't work from reference I repeat myself too much, reference makes it believable and helps steer away from previous paintings and preconceived ideas in my head

- Have some kind of goal or direction, pick a theme - otherwise it's too open

- Master studies help

- Take Classes, join online art communities

- See something you like make a note of it so you can be inspired and motivated to paint

- Have a goal or deadline

- Still life helpful to understand how to paint surfaces and how rendering works, study in different 
lighting scenarios (5-20m)

- Takes screen shots while watching movies for color and composition and saves into reference folder

- Use a story moment for inspiration or collect from reference to get inspired before starting

San Francisco Academy of Art, MFA
CGMA - Dice Tsunami, Armand Serrano, 
Schoolism - Nathan Fowkes

Disney, Concept Artist
Sony Pictures Animation, Color & Painting Work

Teaches at CGMA - The Art of Color and Light

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