Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday Inspiration | James C. Hegedus

Today's Inspiration is Artist & Art Director James C. Hegedus!  I have had the complete honor of taking one of James' classes, he is supremely knowledgable in all things art+film, a true art genius!  His work has inspired countless films, the following is a small selection from which I have seen his Concept Paintings, Color Keys and/or Story Boards: Forest Gump, Shrek, Bedtime Stories, Hocus Pocus, and The Phantom of the Opera (2004).  He also worked on The Rocketeer (wish I had seen his pre-pro for this, love this classic film!!) and so much more!!

Behind every great movie is a great artist & team of artists - many people don't realize how important art is to movie making!  

Hope you enjoy this small selection of Concept Art by James C. Hegedus, these are from the DreamWorks movie Shrek:

. . . . . .

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