Art Goals Checklist

Bring God Glory every day!!! Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness (Matthew 6:33)! Put my purpose, hope and identity in Christ alone. Put Him first and my family and others next ahead of my profession. Servant attitude, always working and ready for His return. Use my time, talents, treasure and resources for His Glory and His Kingdom. Bring others into the Kingdom!
Bring God Glory every day!!! (see above)

Be featured in ImagineFX - Letter to the Editor!!!
Be featured in ImagineFX - FXpose!

Fill my portfolio regularly.
Enjoy making personal concept art and illustration pieces.
Technique on par with professional Concept Artists.
Land some freelance jobs (Usborne Books, Burns Brothers Studios Films, Baby Bug Magazine, etc.).
Give glory to God through my art both directly and indirectly and bring others to the knowledge of Christ.
All while being an awesome stay at home mom!

Daily Sketching (30m)
Daily Painting (1h)
356 Days of Sketching Challenge

Update Website
Re-Design Business Cards

CLASS | Designing with Color and Light | with Nathan Fowkes

INTERVIEW | Claire Wendling
INTERVIEW | Noah Bradley
INTERVIEW | Naveen Selvanathan
INTERVIEW | Art, Fear, and Finding Your Calling
INTERVIEW | Paper Wings Show #33 Interview with Claire Keane
INTERVIEW | Marcelo Vignali
INTERVIEW | Nathan Fowkes
INTERVIEW | Paul Lasaine
INTERVIEW | Armand Serrano - Part 1 - Part 2 -
INTERVIEW | Robert Kondo

VIDEO | Week 1 Master Studies Noah's Art Camp
VIDEO | Why Your Concept Art Portfolio Is Being Ignored (Part 3) :: ArtCast #73
VIDEO | Why Freelance Artists Fail :: ArtCast #72
VIDEO | ChiuStream - Healthy egos and Artists
VIDEO | ChiuStream - Artist Self Doubt
VIDEO | ChiuStream - Morning Motivation
VIDEO | ChiuStream - How to Learn to Draw

BOOK | The Weatherly Guide to Drawing Animals | by Joe Weatherly
BOOK | The Art of Animal Drawing | by Ken Hultgren
BOOK | Life Drawing | by Glen Vilpuu
BOOK | Figure Drawing: Design and Invention | by Michael Hampton
BOOK | Figure Drawing for All It's Worth | by Andrew Loomis

CLASS | Pictorial Composition | with Nathan Fowkes
CLASS | Environment Design | with Nathan Fowkes
CLASS | Environment Design Courses | CGMA
CLASS | Visual Development for Animation | CGMA

BOOK | Rapid Viz: A New Method for the Rapid Visualization of Ideas | by Kurt Hanks, Larry Belliston
BOOK | 3 Dimensional Drawing (Successful Drawing) | by Andrew Loomis
BOOK | Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green | by Wilcox
BOOK | Drawn to Life Vol.1 | by Stanchfield
BOOK | Drawn to Life Vol.2 | by Stanchfield
BOOK | How to Draw: drawing and sketching objects and environments from your imagination | by Scott Robertson, Thomas Bertling
BOOK | Layout and Composition for Animation | by Ed Ghertner

Monthly Portfolio Piece (5-15 hours, last week of every month = 12 New Portfolio Pieces)
Finish Digital Painting from October (Halloween)
Digital Paint a Self Portrait for my Avatar
Apply to Spectrum!
Attend Art Cons
Paint Traditionally and Apply to the California State Fair

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