Monday, May 2, 2016

INTERVIEW NOTES || Chiustream: Healthy Egos and Artists


FANTASTIC interview, just love Bobby Chiu's wisdom!  Here are my favorite gems to save from the interview:

- Design your life.  Realize why you are working?  To be with family, to have a better life...don't let work take over and you forget about the reason why.
- What most important ideas allow work freelance out of state?  Belief - faith in yourself is the key ingredient to rapid change.  Constantly re-thinking re-judging your stuff: Am I going in the right direction?  Am I learning anything this month?  Where do I feel life is going to be if I keep going in this direction?  Have a goal, they are huge, you need a destination.  Hoping gets you no where; action and goals take you there.  Be on the constant search for knowledge to be whatever your goal is.
- Don't wait for people/businesses companies to contact you.  Don't want for that job.  Just start doing it.  On your own.  Make your own work.  Research the company you want to work for and start preparing now, as if you are already working there!  When we do gallery shows, we get job offers because we are putting ourselves out there, we aren't waiting for anyone.  Always keep doing stuff.
- Find what you are passionate about; decide what it will be, and make a conscious decision to get passionate.
- Don't take small jobs that get in the way of your goal.  Don't make pit stops, the more irrelevant pit stops you make the longer it will take you to get to your goal.

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