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REVIEW || Imagine FX | Issue 122 - June 2015

Imagine FX Issue 122 June 2015 Film Art Star Wars Cover


ImagineFX - ISSUE 122 - June 2015

 This month's magazine covered Film Art, right up my alley.   Also up my alley, were some letters to the editor that covered women in art where editor Claire Howlett fielded some tough issues and promise further discussion of the topic in future magazines.   It would be wonderful if they could touch on women artists who also balance a family element.  The artist Q&A section was packed with many tutorials and a lot of knowledge to share;  among the demos were Mark Molnar on lighting a scene at dusk additionally lit by fire light, Tony Foti on painting a hot glowing light source, Bram Sels on quickly rendering pirate coins, and tutorials on how to paint fog and reflections.

 The article on The Art of George Hull, now successful visual development artist, was inspiring.   George starts his article by saying he didn't go to the right school, but by creating his own curriculum and putting in more work then required, he made it into a visual development career at a young age.  I identify closely with George since I didn't attend a Concept Art program either and ultimately did the same thing in school.  After graduating I continued my Visual Development studies, which I am currently still doing alongside being a full time mom.

 In the workshop section Alex Garner shows how he created this month's cover illustration, a Star Wars spin off.   Additionally Jim Cornish shared all about being a storyboard artist, a great read for anyone interested in that field.   A tutorial by Jana Schirmer on lighting a female figure was stunning, with a few great shortcuts shared and how to add finishing touches on soft paintings to make them look more rough and painterly.  

The reviews of the Jot Mini Stylus and Forge, an app made for sketching, has me wanting to try them out.   Also featured was End of the Line, a creative space in London with a unique rooftop location.  It is a place for artists to work, glean inspiration, attend life drawing classes, and even hold other art events like comic book releases.  Sounds like a wonderful creative space, wish there was something like it more local.

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