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REVIEW || ImagineFX | Issue 117 - January 2015

Pepper Super Hero Cover Art for Imagine FX Issue 117 by Stanley Lau


 ImagineFX - ISSUE 117  - February 2015

My title for this issue:  don't judge a magazine by it's cover.  The hyper real pink and purple superhero glazing the cover of ImagineFX this month had me thinking this issue wouldn't be my cup of tea.  But true to it's theme, Comic Art, a twist ending was in store.  As it turns out there were quite a few articles I enjoyed and I took away some great tips!

The FXPose on Digital Matte Painter, Robert Oleotto of Italy (pp.18-19), had me drooling over the entire spread!  Talk about photographers becoming artists, this guy blows me out of the water.  Surreal, painterly, incredible light and attention to detail with a photographer's eye, his art is unreal!!

The Artist In Residence article on dynamic duo sculptors, the Shiflett Brothers (pp.26-27), was truly inspiring and makes me want to re-think my studio space.  Talk about great advice to battle "the blank canvas" with inspiration on the walls and in books throughout their studio.  Awesome tip on making maquettes, validating my clay of choice: Super Sculpy Firm!  Not to mention their six four-legged and furry studio mates: can we be friends please?

TWO WHOLE SPREADS on Claire Wendling (pp.50-53) YES PLEASE!  Simple adore her dreamy, eclectic, and masterfully drawn characters!  Claire suffered from ill-health in 2013 and had to put her work on hold but has since returned & they even showed one of her first big training exercise since she fell ill.  Reading about how she is back in the game was extremely inspiring to me since I suffered the same fate for three years from 2010-2013, which also put my career on hold.

Great little review on SketchBookPro has me wanting to give it a go (p.67).  Mitch Breitweiser's workshop on Color & Lighting for Comics (p.76-80) was chock full of tips I can't wait to try on my next digital art adventure!  A little maquette workshop with James Gurney (p.106).  And lastly enjoyed reading a little about the inspiration and background on Bill Sienkiewicz (p114).

So thanks Pink and Purple Super Hero Girl (Pepper), this issue really packed a punch!

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