Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wednesday Inspiration | Sarachmet

The Last Leaf, 2008-2014 by Sarachmet

by Sarachmet

The Last Leaf, 2008-2014 by Sarachmet

by Sarachmet

The Blue Bird, 2008-2014 by Sarachmet

by Sarachmet

Paradise Regained, 2008-2014 by Sarachmet
Would you believe it if I told you these are not paintings, they are actually photographs!  One of my the most amazing things about photographers today is their ability to make their photographs look just like paintings.  There is more of a blend between photographer and painter these days than there was in the past, thanks in part to the computer.  Digital editing has allowed photographers to become painters of sorts. The time photographers spend editing to get achieve a painterly quality even mimics the time a painter spends on their painting.

  Sarachmet's works (shown above) are perfect examples.  Her images are so luscious in their detail and yet soft in certain areas that it gives it a unique painterly quality.  I am sure you will agree that these works by Sarachmet could be paintings themselves!  We have a word for this in art it's called tromp l'oeil, or fool the eye (although ironically I've typically heard it used when painters make their work look hyper real or photo-realistic).

On my first viewing of her work, I also noticed a strong Pre-Raphaelite influence, with the golden hughes, rich colors, and crisp details.  You can read on her DeviantArt account that the Pre-Raphaelite movement is among her favorite art styles.  (Read more about Pre-Raphaelite artists on my previous blog posts, here and here.)

Sarachmet's pre-production work also mimics that of a painter:  Before each photograph is made, she utilizes her resources (family) to make the costumes, and then spends time composing each shot.*source    Painters of the past did these kinds of things before beginning a painting too!  Some artists today still do create sets and costumes and take photographs before beginning a painting, but many have either never learned it or have forgotten how invaluable such preparations can be. (I will elaborate on this topic on Friday).  I love that even the costumes themselves are works of art here.

One fun detail that I forgot to mention about Pre-Raphaelite art is that you may notice is an abundance of redheaded models.  Being a redhead myself, I like to imagine I would have been a model for the movement...perhaps this is why am drawn these works.

You can follow Sarachmet on DeviantArt and on Facebook.

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Stay tuned, because next Wednesday I am very excited to be featuring another photographer that has painterly qualities to her works, so please stop by next week!!

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