Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Daily Sketch | Lady

I have always wanted to draw Lady from Disney's "Lady and the Tramp",
here's my first try.  Definitely more to studies of Lady to come!  I love dogs, and
cartoon dogs are no exception!  Maybe Pluto will pop up sometime in the near future...  :)


  1. Really like your work. I was thinking of taking peter han dynamic sketching, and was wondering how did you like the class?

    1. Thank you! Peter Han is a great teacher. I would definitely recommend his classes! There were a lot of great tips/tricks & drawing exercises to help tighten up and master 3 dimensional sketching and also helped me get into the habit of sketching every day. Just be prepared for a lot of drawing, we filled 6 sketchbook pages a week, so don't get behind its too hard to catch up. If you be sure to watch the lectures when they are released and get to the homework shortly after that, it shouldn't be a problem. Two online classes at a time (at CGMA) was too much for me, I got way behind. When I took 1 class, I did much better and enjoyed it better too! Hope that helps, and good luck!!


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